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Musique bleue

Musique Bleue is a solidarity movement that encourages and promotes the discovery of all of the music made in Quebec. It aims to propel innovative ideas so that music created in the province can prosper not only on its own territory, but everywhere around the world.

The province of Quebec is a real locomotive of new and avant-garde music and the great mission is to share this talent and promote all that Quebec has to offer. Whether they are francophone, indeginous, anglophone, allophone or franco-canadian artists, they are all part of the great ecosystem and deserve to be discovered and to have a chance to shine internationally. 

It all started with the famous


Surprisingly, it’s a pandemic that put things in perspective within the music industry in Quebec. Facing countless obstacles preventing them from practicing their art, artists have suffered severely from this pandemic and the industry needed a place to express themselves and correct injustices. Through Musique Bleue, solidarity has proven its benefits once again; when a community comes together and shares the same goal, great things can be accomplished.

The Musique Bleue movement has held many forms over its short but promising life. It was first created as a hashtag by the artist Philémon Cimon and has gone viral in the Quebec music industry, with the mission of encouraging commercial radio stations owned by Canadian companies to promote more local music on their airwaves. Ironically, it was the willful inaction of radio companies and industry leaders and their refusal to promote local music that made Musique Bleue more powerful. Through hours of meticulously studying the content broadcast from several commercial radio stations, an aberrant redundancy has been observed. Fewer musical discovery and female artists than ever before and a law of least effort in terms of variety and diversity.

Seeing the troubles ahead, Musique Bleue has had to redouble its efforts and find other ways to support its mandate and convey the important message that is at the heart of this movement; give more space to our artists, one they are entitled to and that we should be proud of. It was after an open letter demanding equity on the airwaves, viral publications and numerous press  articles that Musique Bleue was able to carve out a place for itself, defending what is right for artists and industry professionals.



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